Rosemary is Good for Your Skin and More


Rosemary is good for your skin, but also good for your body, and if you are looking for ways to boost your immune system, adding rosemary to your diet, could be the answer.

Below are a few reasons that you may want to include Rosemary in your diet, both internally and externally because rosemary is good for your skin.


Enhances Your Immune System-Loaded with Calcium, Vitamin B6, iron, and antioxidants, rosemary helps rid your cells of toxins allowing for better nutrient absorption. Many natural supplements and skin care products use this herb to boost the immune system.

GI Tract Activation-Aiding in digestion, rosemary helps your immune system by fighting indigestion while supporting bowel health.

Nervous System and Brain-Rosemary has a very positive impact on your nervous system and your brain. Because of the antioxidant properties in rosemary, some patients say headaches, stiffness, muscle pain, and even anxiety are a thing of the past when rosemary is included in the diet. People who suffer from panic attacks take rosemary because of the calming effects. People with insomnia also find relief with rosemary.


Although research is still being conducted, rosemary may have a role, a major role, in preventing and even latening Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease symptoms. Because Alzheimer’s patients suffer from inflammation, rosemary can help swelling and brain inflammation.


Rosemary can be used as a seasoning, dried or fresh, or as a tea. Fresh rosemary leaves boiled and steeped can help relax and when used with a combination of other herbs work great on the skin.


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