Relief for Itchy Skin


Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the itchy skin season. According to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, hay fever and other allergies seem to occur all year round giving you and your skin problems. Thankfully, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE has natural skin care products that can help with your itchy skin.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINEIf you have itchy skin you know how annoying it can be, especially during the summer, and if you have itchy skin, it doesn’t really matter whether you are dealing with a humid or dry climate. Itchy skin gets worse, when it gets hot, but when you order SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE the natural healing herbal gel complex, you can begin to get some much-needed relief for your itchy skin.


However, it is not just the hay fever and allergies that can cause itchy skin. The three poisons, Sumac, Ivy, and Oak are around all year, but Poison Ivy is especially in season from March to October and can cause itchy skin.

If you are suffering from Poison Oak, Poison Ivy or got into a bunch of Poison Sumac when you were clearing out your blackberry bushes, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can help with its natural herbal healing gel complex. The healing herbs in the gel work together to give you relief, regardless of where your itchy skin is coming from.


Hundreds of people all over the United States have a bottle of the natural herbal healing gel complex in every medicine cabinet as it not only helps relieve the itchiness caused by Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, and Poison Sumac, but can also ease the pain caused by a nasty sunburn. The natural herbal healing gel complex also helps with the painful burns that can sometimes be caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments used for cancer.

Don’t wait until after the fact. Order a bottle or two of the natural herbal healing gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE and be prepared. Order four bottles today and receive free shipping, only from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.