Little Known Christmas Traditions across the Globe

Southwest Sunshine

The traditions that are practiced in the United States are similar to other countries around the world, but according to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, there are some customs that are unknown to most Americans.

The majority of folks who live in Ireland are Catholic with the Christmas season lasting from Christmas Eve to January 6, which celebrates, the, “Little Christmas,” or the Epiphany. Epiphany is celebrated all over the country. Ireland has an old tradition where families would place a thick and tall candle on the windowsill of the homes biggest window just after sunset on the 24th, Christmas Eve. The candle is meant to burn all day and is meant to welcome Mary and Joseph.

Just like other countries in the world, Armenia celebrates Christmas on January 6 with the week leading up to Christmas spent fasting. The last meal before the fast begins on Christmas Eve and includes nevik, fish, rice, chickpeas, green chard, and yogurt soup. Desserts include nuts and dried fruit. The lighter Christmas Eve meal helps adjust the stomach before a 7-day fast.

The Canadians have a tradition called mummering. Mostly taking place in small villages and towns in Newfoundland people dress in costume knocking on strangers and friends doors asking if mummers are allowed, or any mummers, ‘loud in?” Once allowed in the mummers sing, dance; share a piece of Christmas cake and a hot cup of cocoa or cider before moving to the next home on the street. Mummers come between the December 26 and January 6. In some villages, the host must guess who the mummers are or be forced to join the mummers for the rest of the mummering.

In Denmark the Christmas Calendar, or Julekalender, is a popular 24 episode television series that airs every December. One episode is aired every day with the last show airing on Christmas Eve. The very first Julekalender aired in 1962 in Denmark. Both of the main TV channels in Denmark air their own versions of Kulekalender. The theme of the story in a Julekalender usually follows a very similar storyline, someone is attempting to ruin Christmas while the main characters, or heroes in the piece save Christmas.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Christmas Day.