How a Prescription Drug Can affect your Skin


Many prescription medications can cause side effects while certain drugs can actually trigger an allergic reaction.

If your body reacts to a prescription drug with an allergic reaction, your immune system will respond immediately, the first time the drug enters your body. Your immune system will mistakenly respond to the prescription by creating disease-fighting antibodies.


These antibodies are called immunoglobulin E and recognize the prescription drug as a substance that is foreign to your body. When you ingest or apply the prescription drug, your antibodies will leap into action releasing massive amounts of histamine. Your antibodies release histamine to try to expel the prescription drug out of your body. Histamine is a chemical that is very powerful and one that can actually affect your gastrointestinal tract, your respiratory system, your cardiovascular system, and your skin.

Some of the symptoms that you may experience if you are having an allergic reaction it can be quite serious and include dizziness, throat, and mouth swelling, breathing difficulties, confusion, anxiety, rapid pulse, diarrhea, nausea or abdominal problems.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINEEven if you aren’t allergic, some prescription drugs may cause irritations that could include an upset stomach. However, if you are having an allergic reaction and your body releases histamines, you could experience skin problems that include itchy skin, a rash, or hives.

The most common prescription drug that is associated with allergies is penicillin; however, other antibiotics may also trigger an allergic reaction. Other drugs that have been found to cause an allergic reaction include barbiturates, iodine, anticonvulsants, and sulfa drugs. Skin irritation is a common complaint when it comes to prescriptions as well.


Prescription antidepressants, especially the more popular ones that are known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, can cause a variety of skin reactions that include acne, psoriasis, and even bruising. Certain antibiotics can make you very sensitive to sunlight as well making sunscreen an absolute must, even if you are just stepping outside to get in the car.


Your skin is the largest organ in your body so it makes sense that taking any type of prescription drug could have adverse effects. If you are taking any type of medication, it is imperative that you use an organic all natural skin care product on your skin such as SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE. The all-natural Herbal Gel from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is a great way to deal with the itchiness caused by prescription drugs and has a very calming effect.

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