Herbal Moisturizing Lotion from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE


Herbal Moisturizing Lotion is the best, especially if you are tired of greasy moisturizing lotions that claim to have SP 15 sunscreen but still don’t give you the protection you need, try SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE moisturizing lotion with sunscreen protection, approximately Sp 15, and best of all, it is PABA free.


With SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE HERBAL MOISTURIZING LOTION, you will be giving your skin the nourishment it needs for a healthy glow. With the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE HERBAL MOISTURIZING LOTION, you will notice a difference in your skin in as little as two weeks. Start using the SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE HERBAL MOISTURIZING LOTION along with the HERBAL HEALING GEL, and the rest of the line of all natural skin care products.


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All skin types can benefit from the all-natural skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE whether you have chronic dry skin or a tendency to be dry all the time.


The HERBAL MOISTURIZING LOTION and the sunscreen will never sting your eyes and contain all natural herbs including ROSEMARY LEAVES AND WATERCRESS. These two herbs are excellent moisturizers and when blended with the rest of the all-natural products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

When you apply the HERBAL MOISTURIZING LOTION, you can be assured that your face will be protected providing you with sunscreen protection at approximately Sp 15. Use HERBAL MOISTURIZING LOTION on its own or under your makeup and it will help prevent against dehydration and moisture loss.


If you are tired of applying a heavy sunscreen before you put on your daily moisturizer, order the HERBAL MOISTURIZING LOTION from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.

Add the HERBAL CLEANSER the HERBAL HEALING GEL, and RENEW and SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE will pay for your postage anywhere in the U.S.

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