Hay Fever Can Cause Skin Rashes

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Skin rashes caused by air borne allergens are annoying and can be downright painful. Allergies cause sneezing; wheezing, coughing and a runny nose, but seasonal allergies, especially hay fever, can also cause skin rashes and other problems. Those airborne particles that cause skin rashes are often overlooked, and that is where SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE comes in.

The all-natural family friendly skin care line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can help with skin rashes and irritations, and best of all; the organic products will not cost you a fortune.

Skin Care Herbal Lotions

Not to be confused with a virus, hay fever affects about one in five people, including children. Hay fever is a term coined by physicians that refers to cold like symptoms occurring from airborne allergies.


While most other allergy symptoms can be traced back to pollens and other air borne allergens, skin rashes can also occur when you have direct contact. Working in the garden, especially during the spring, can cause problems if you are allergic or suffer from hay fever.

Skin Care Herbal Lotions

Allergies and skin rashes can often be mistaken for hives. Hives are internal and usually caused by something that you have eaten. Hives usually turn white when you press on them while an external rash will start with an itch followed by red blotchy patches on your skin.

Skin Care Herbal Lotions

Atopic dermatitis is a condition that is not a direct result of hay fever, but can get worse if you suffer from airborne allergies or hay fever. Atopic dermatitis is more common in babies and can look like a rash that never seems to go away. Atopic dermatitis will appear on the feet, hands, scalp, and face. The skin will be bumpy with dry patches. Other symptoms that may occur include bleeding and itching because of intense scratching that accompanies atopic dermatitis. Those who suffer describe the itch as intense and unforgiving.

Skin Care Herbal Lotions

In addition to skin rashes, other problems that may occur if you have hay fever or other airborne allergies include dark circles under your eyes coupled with under eye puffiness. You may feel unusually tired and suffer from headaches.

Hay fever and other seasonal allergies that can cause skin rashes, under eye puffiness and dark circles can be relieved with the help of the all natural skin care line from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE.



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