Fourth of July Trivia

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is about celebrating America’s Independence Day with parties, food, games and lots of fireworks to end everyone’s favorite summer holiday.

1. Independence Day is a celebration of America’s independence from Great Britain; however, according to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE there may be a few things that you don’t know about the Fourth of July.

2. John Adams believed that Independence Day should be cerebrated on 2 July as America’s birthday. In fact, he rejected all invitations to participate in the celebration of Independence Day.

3. Genuine Independence finally happened on September 3 in 1783 when Great Britain abandoned any sort of claim to America by signing the Treaty of Paris.

4. Most think of Yankee Doodle as a patriotic little tune. In fact, it is even Connecticut’s state anthem, but it was originally sung by the British officers who would make fun of the, “Backwoods Americans.” The Macaroni Wig refers to the extreme fashion that was popular in the 1770’s. The song implicates that Yankees are so backward that sticking a feather in a cap would make him a fashion icon.

5. The American flags original stars were set in a circle so that all of the colonies remained equal. The design of the American flag has been changed 26 times since its inception and creation in 1777.

6. Most people believe that Betsy Ross was responsible for designing the United States flag. However, it was actually Frances Hopkinson who created the red, white, and blue design. He also designed the U.S. Seal.

7. Most researchers doubt that Betsy Ross even sewed the first flag as research indicates that Ms. Ross’s ancestors wrote the story nearly 100 years later keeping it going in textbooks with most historians never bothering to check the facts.

8. Calvin Coolidge is the only American President who was born on the Fourth of July… The second, third and fifth Presidents, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe all died on Independence Day.

9. President John Adams held the first Independence Day party in 1801 at the White House.

10. Independence Day is one of a handful of federal holidays that hasn’t been moved to the nearest Monday or Friday.

11. Sadly, most of the patriotic paraphernalia, including American flags is made in China and Mexico, not the United States.

This Fourth of July be safe, enjoy your friends and family, and don’t forget to buy American Made Products including SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE all natural skin care products.