Five Childhood Ailments Adults can Get Too

childhood ailments


Childhood ailments aren’t just for kids, in fact, as cold and flu season comes to a head, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE understands how frustrating any type of health issue can be, especially if you have a chronic condition. However, did you know that some childhood health conditions that can develop during adulthood?





Below is a list of childhood illnesses that can affect adults too.

Chicken Pox

Although itchy blisters, one of the most common symptoms of chicken pox, is more common in children under 15, adults are not immune, and unfortunately, those symptoms can be twice as bad. Serious cases in adults can cause extreme dehydration and pneumonia, if left untreated chicken pox can even lead to brain infections.


Your doctor can test you for the mumps, but sadly, there isn’t much that you can do after you are diagnosed. Plenty of rest and time are your only remedies. The mumps cause swollen cheek glands under the jaw, muscle aches, and fever. Mumps is contagious so avoid anyone affected, as it will spread. The MMR or measles mumps rubella vaccine can help prevent the mumps.


A runny nose, rash, high fever and pink, water eyes along with an earache, diarrhea and coughing are all signs of the measles. Measles is common in foreign countries so talk to your doctor about an MMR vaccine.


Although adults are less susceptible to lice because of the protective layer of acid on the scalp, it can happen, and although they don’t carry disease and are fairly harmless, they can be annoying and itchy as the feed on the blood on your scalp.

Strep Throat

That nasty sore throat will usually go away, but if you have strep, you will need to see your doctor who will take a culture of your throat. Most common in children and teens, adults can get it as well. Strep throat causes swollen tonsils, vomiting, fever, and nausea. Keep your hands clean to avoid spreading strep throat.

childhood ailments


In SOUTHWEST SUNSHINES’ next blog, more childhood ailments that adults can get too will be revealed.