Exfoliation is a Must


You may be cleansing, using a moisturizer and a good sunscreen, but it you are not exfoliating, you are simply not taking as good care of your skin as you could.

According to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, exfoliation is used to remove your dead skin cells. Those skin cells sit on the surface of your skin, and if not removed can cause all kinds of problems.

HYDROXY RENEW, from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, really does refresh your skin by exfoliating and dissolving the dead skin cells. HYDROXY RENEW from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE can also help lighten those dark spots caused from the sun and aging, while helping reduce acne breakouts.


As you age, your cell regeneration begins to slow down. This literally means that it takes longer to shed your skin cells before generating new ones. If old skin cells are starting to pile up on the surface of your skin it will look rough, dry and dull. What’s worse is that the buildup of your dead skin cells could result in clogged pores, excess oil, acne, and blemishes.


When you properly exfoliate with HYDROXY RENEW from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, you will be removing the dead skin cells that clog your skin. Exfoliation with HYDROXY RENEW also helps uncover the new and fresh skin cells that are beneath the surface of your dead skin cells.

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE recommends that you exfoliate at night after you use the Herbal Cleanser followed by the Herbal Gel and then the moisturizer . Because HYDROXY RENEW is made with all natural ingredients and doesn’t contain chemicals you do not have to worry about over exfoliation as you would with some of the other exfoliation products on the market.


If you truly want skin that is healthy and glowing, regular exfoliation with HYDROXY RENEW from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE is a must.

With HYDROXY RENEW, you can truly recapture your skins youthful complexion and glow. HYDROXY RENEW is made with the herbal combination that has made the entire line of SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE products a huge success and is blended with sugar cane, milk, and fruit acids. The natural skin exfoliate from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE glides on smoothly while penetrating your skin in minutes.

Stop using chemicals on your face and order HYDROXY RENEW from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE today.