More Childhood Ailments That Affect Adults

childhood ailments

In the last blog, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE discussed childhood ailments that can affect adults as well. Below are a few more childhood ailments that affect adults.

Pink Eye

Referred to as conjunctivitis, pink eye causes burning, itchy and irritated eyes. People with pink eye are sensitive to light and will have crusty eyelids. It is extremely contagious. See a doctor to stop it from spreading and wash your hands often being careful not to touch your eyes.


Pertussis or whooping cough was first documented in the 16th century with the organism being isolated in 1906. The bacterial disease, known as the 100-day cough is most contagious before the deep cough starts. Infants are more susceptible and have the highest rate of deaths relating to whooping cough. Because it is so contagious, babies often get whooping cough from mom and dad, siblings or grandparents.

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Most common in children under the age of five, hand, foot, and mouth disease is not serious. Signs and symptoms include a lack of appetite, sore throat, fever, and throat sores. Rashes on the feet and hands are also signs of hand, foot, and mouth disease. Adults may not always show symptoms, but the virus can still be passed on. Hand, foot, and mouth disease will usually clear itself up after seven to ten days.


A fungal infection that is more common in children, ringworm affects the skin. The groin, feet, and scalp are particularly susceptible because the infection favors dark moist areas. Also referred to as jock itch in the groin area and tinea cruris in the feet, a topical ointment can help the infection. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE all natural herbal gel has been known to help ease itching and redness caused by ringworm.

childhood ailments


The best way to keep yourself healthy and protected against childhood ailments is to wash your hands and avoid others suffering from any of the above conditions. If you are experiencing any type of itching, redness or have a rash, SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE may be able to help. Click and order your all-natural skin care products  today.