Your Blood Type and your Personality

blood type


Back in WWII, battle groups in Japan were based on blood type. In fact, in 1990 Mitsubishi created a whole team with AB blood types. Today schools group kids blood type and develop different plans of education dependant on blood type.

The Japanese believe that your blood type directly affects your personality along with your abilities. Humanics pioneer, Masahiko Nomi during the 1970s, conducted the study.

Here is a brief rundown of what Dr. Nomi discovered.


Type A

A blood types put others at the top of the list and are great listeners. Type A’s also make great friends although it’s hard for them to express emotions. Type A blood types tend to bottle it up while catering to others needs. Over time, it can lead to anxiety and even depression. Blood types make great attorneys, accountants, librarians, writers and economists and are most compatible with Type A and Type AB’s.

Type B

Type Bs are extroverts, and like A blood types make great listeners and friends, however, unlike type A’s, B’s don’t have a problem expressing emotions while putting themselves at the top of the list when it is necessary. Type B individuals are very intuitive and make great journalists, detectives and psychiatrist getting along well with A and AB blood types.

Type AB

The rarest of all blood types, and the most spiritual. People with AB blood types are level headed and rational. They are excellent organizers and planers, however, tend to over produce adrenaline, which can create intense and high moods. Type AB’s excel in educational and managerial positions as well as public relations and get along with all blood types.

Type O

Type O individuals tend to crave power and are very competitive. Type O’s focus more on making progress as opposed to making friends. Because of this quality, Type O’s make great leaders and excel in politics and business.

blood type


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