Are Men and Women Really That Different?

men and women

Men and women are different, from their skin care routines to diet, lifestyle, and the company they keep, but if you break it down, how different are men from women?

SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE all natural skin care products are loved by men and women all over the United States and beyond, so maybe skin care routines don’t differ all that much, but what about the rest of the stuff?

Speaking-Recent studies indicate that women really are better at speaking than men. Women choose the right words quicker using more words, and although men can become and are good speakers, women tend to have a slight advantage.

Judging Distance-Although it has been proven that women are better at following instructions than men, spatial awareness kicks in when it comes to judging distance. Spatial awareness is where you gauge the speed, distance, and size of things.

Safer Drivers-Although men will swear they are safer behind the wheel, the guys take more risks. Men are more likely to drive without a seatbelt, drive intoxicated, or speed. Men are also involved in more severe and fatal car accidents that women are.

Different Brains-Although similar, men and women’s brains differ in chemistry and structure. Flight or fight response, known as the amygdale is larger in men making them respond quicker if they believe there is a threat.

Hormones and Genetics-Testosterone levels are naturally higher in men triggering genetic traits such as a deep voice, aggression, and larger muscles. Genetics give women more estrogen, which triggers brain development, mood, and learning. Known as the X-factor, family and society can also define and determine women and men’s roles affecting behavior.

men and women

Although men and women differ in many ways, starting or continuing an all-natural skin care routine with organic skin care products from SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE could be a good start. Order four products or more and SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE will ship it to you free.