All Natural Skin Care Products for Acne


SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE gets questions from all over the United States with people asking about organic and all natural skin care. We thought we would take the next couple of weeks to share some of those questions with you.

Claire from South Dakota wrote to SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE about all natural skin care products that would be good for her daughter’s acne, here is what Claire asked.


I have been reading about your products online for some time and am ready to purchase an all natural skin care system for my daughter. However, I just want to make sure that the all natural skin care products I purchase for my daughters acne are safe for her delicate skin, and what skin care system you think would be best for a 15-year-old girl.


Here is what SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE had to say,

Hi Claire,

Thank-you so much for writing into our SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE website. First, let us tell you that all of the products from the organic and all natural skin care line are free from chemicals that could potentially harm your daughter’s skin. Some of the best-known brands are loaded with chemicals that could possibly make her acne worse. SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE only uses natural herbs in all of our products.

Our products do not contain mineral or animal oils. We also do not add a lanolin base to any of our all natural skin care products. All of our all natural skin care products actually feed the skin, unlike most that coat the skin.


The base to all of our all-natural skin care products is the Healing Herbal Gel that is color, perfume, and dye free. Because it is an all natural skin care product, it is perfect for all skin types, including your daughter’s who suffers from breakouts due to acne.


As far as a skin care system goes, we would recommend going with, “The Works,” which includes everything your daughter needs to help her outbreaks and her acne. All of the ingredients in our all natural skin care products and systems have been designed to work together for optimum results.

Again, thank-you for contacting us, and we hope that we have been some help to both you and your daughter.

With warm regards,



If you would like more information about organic and all natural skin care products or have a question to ask SOUTHWEST SUNSHINE, please do not hesitate to contact us via the website or by email.